''Black Buck'' the Pride of Ganjam  

The graceful Black Buck (Antilope Cervicapra) is one of the three species of antelopes seen in Orissa .The Black Buck is locally known as Baliharina or Kalabautia or Krishnasara.they are present Balipadar –Bhetanai areas of Ganjam Dist and 2Kms away from Maitri Club            Read More....  

They are threatened for the following reasons :

1.    For meat and skin.   2. By poachers. 3. Adaption.   4. Lake of Rehabilitation Center  5. Encroachment                                               

            We have appointed a inspector to keep close watch to save the wild .By the efforts of Maitri Club a under construction road work stopped . We are available on every problem of black buck .Till now  we have rescued 25 nos of Black Bucks . The forest Officials of Orissa helps us very much.

Our Rescue Work



We Hand over a  Black buck  poacher and  to Forest officials  

Road work  stopped for black bucks habitat .

By the efforts of Maitri Club  the chief Minister Sri Nabeen Patnaik ordered to Dist Admission to stop the road work to save the black buck habitat. The rare wild black bucks are present near Vetanai & Balipadar of Ganjam Dist. for which ,we are proud of them.  their natural habitat has been gradually damaged by man made causes. As per our survey a watch tower has been made near Bhetanai (as shown in the map) by forest Dept to watch black buck. The surrounding villages of black buck are: Charimile Chaka, Banabali, Sidhanai , Badagada and Bhetanai .A  well road is already present for said villages for their communication . We came to know from people that a 3KMs road has been made from watch tower to Badagada by Forest Dept . which divides the  black buck area in to two parts. Now a road is under construction which will link Banabali Sidhanai and badagada . So the people started selecting their shortest way to touch main road through black buck habitat.

We informed to all the official concern and Smt Maneka Gandhi about the constructed road. After inquiry  the CM Orissa ordered to stop the road work